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Please note: The detailed version of the following online course Mindfulness | mbsr (incl. approx. 2 hours of audio material and a detailed yoga instruction), can be purchased as an ebook for 9,99 €.
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Remove stress using the online course Mindfulness | mbsr

Many people experience themselves as at the mercy of stress. Research results show that programs focussing on meditation and mindfulness are rightly very popular. The best known and most successful training of this kind is called mbsr (mindfulness based stress reduction). The good news: You can take part in a taster course on DailyLama free of charge.

In this 8-week training course you will learn how to remove the second skin of stress using neuroscientifically researched methods. If you practice continuously, even stubborn stress patterns can be broken. You will recognize the success of the training by the fact that you will react increasingly calmly even in challenging situations.

The mindfulness training mbsr – a steep career

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is considered the inventor of this method. In 1979 he founded the „Stress Reduction Clinic“ at the Massachusetts Medical School (USA). He initially developed and taught the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, known as mindfulness training, exclusively at this university. Today, a good 30 years later, the training is considered to be one of the best researched stress competence trainings worldwide.

The methods of mindfulness training predominantly have their origins in spiritual traditions such as Yoga, Zen Buddhism or Vipassana. However, in mbsr these methods are no longer tied to an ideological idea. In fact they are detached from any religious motives and beliefs.

mbsr – „all in one“

Mbsr integrates findings of stress research and results of meditation science as well as aspects of behavioral medicine and communication psychology to an effective training. The taught exercises and methods train your ability to deal successfully with a stressy world. This training can help everyone who has to deal with stress and pressure. Regardless of whether it is caused by external influences (workload, family etc.) or internal factors (e.g. illness). You just should be basically open for meditative methods to benefit from the training.

Gain stress competence by the online course Mindfulness | mbsr

In the following chapters you will find an 8-week training based on Kabat-Zinns online course Mindfulness | mbsr. The trial course is divided into 8 sections (8 weeks). At the beginning of each section (week) a theoretical introduction is given. This theory doesn´t stand for itself. I merely helps to create an understanding for the meaning of the practical exercises.

Even though the course contains great material, it sometimes cannot replace the guidance of an experienced mbsr-teacher. A decent trainer will help you overcome difficulties and frustrations more quickly that may arise during the implementation.
As an autodidact (self-learner) just have in mind: Please contact a specialist if you are not making progress or encounter robust obstacles (see also: Offers).

A final note on the online course Mindfulness | mbsr

Success can only be achieved if you practice continuously. This will increase your ability to deal with stress loads and you will also be less susceptible to stress overall. Of course, no one can guarantee success of such a training. But the chances for a significant improvement in quality of life are enormous.

Good luck!

And: One very last note

You can use this course free of charge. But it would be nice if you leave feedback so that this job is not a one-way street. Thanks for that!
If you can afford and want to, just purchase the full course as ebook (see above). Because the carefully prepared materials consume a lot of time and energy. 🙂

Be kind to yourself!

Thomas Hübner

Here you can find the instructions and exercises of the online course Mindfulness | mbsr

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