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DailyLama is about the potential of the human mind. About this elusive dimension of the human we know at least one thing for sure: Our mind makes change possible – out of narrow and difficult circumstances, towards brighter and better days. That is what this is all about.

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Until the 1990s, many scientists working on the mind and brain were convinced that the nature of an adult human being, i.e. the way he or she behaves and relates to his or her environment, is fixed and can hardly be changed. Today we know better: consciousness and brain are plastic and mouldable. We can not only train our mental abilities, but also change our attitude if this seems necessary. Meditation, mindfulness and freshly picked thoughts – in the sense of unspent – can initiate such positive changes in our lives. About this you will find many suggestions and instructions on DailyLama. Among other things, a 8-week trial course on mindfulness (mbsr), or the series of articles „Happiness in the head“, about the essence and benefits of meditation.